The Wonder of Wonder Bread

Last week we had the unfortunate occasion to test the wonder of Wonder bread.

Boxer, our oldest and, we used to think, wisest, decided that he would attempt to eat the foil grease catcher from the grill. We’re not actually sure which dog removed the pan from the grill. Mind you, this grill has been sitting in the same spot, covered when we’re not using it, for years. For some reason, one or two of the dogs decided to go underneath the cover and remove the pan. All Miriam knew was that she saw Boxer licking at something and went to investigate. What she found was the tin foil pan with the bottom gone. It was nowhere to be found – the logical conclusion was that it was now in Boxer’s stomach.

A call to the vet resulted in a run to the store to get a loaf of Wonder bread with orders to feed one half of the loaf to each dog that ate the foil. Supposedly, the bread would wrap itself around the foil and, hopefully, protect Boxer’s innards from the foil as it passed through his digestive system. Just to be on the safe side, Peanut was also fed the bread in case she had also consumed the tin foil. Watch for diarrhea, lethargy and vomiting we were advised. I worked from home that day so I could keep an eye on them.

Friends, Romans and countrywomen, Wonder bread is an amazing product! Two days later, Boxer was pooping tin foil beautifully wrapped by other fecal material. And let me say that this tin was stiff and sharp. Boxer was very fortunate to have been able to safely pass this stuff.

So, all is well now. We have determined that Boxer isn’t as smart as we would like to believe he is – but he is, still, our Prince.

Throat is Sore and Hands are Swollen

Well, gator fans, if you did not see the game then you missed a humdinger – it was fantastic! A crowd of over 8000 showed up. And we were loud! I do believe that the crowd noise was a huge factor the last six minutes of the game- especially for the Florida defense.

Oh, yea, we won 66-57. We still can’t get over it. Fantastic. Here are a few shots – we need a better camera – one with a faster shutter speed and response. But, for now, this is what we got.

Sha posed for a picture during warm-ups.

Sha stopped by the club tent before dressing out for the game.

Join the Backcourt Club! we have lots of fun all season long.

We were too busy watching the game to take any game shots. It was fun, mon.

It’s Saturday Morning

Miriam’s gone to work. I’m sitting here paying some bills and downloading some ringtones. Psyching myself up to start laundry and clean the kitchen.

Hey gator fans – don’t forget tomorrow’s game against Tennessee. The game starts at 5pm but the gates open at 3:30pm. Yes, I’ll be there when the gates open – I want primo seats. The picture was taken at the last home game from my phone. It’s a timeout huddle. See the empty seats? We want them all filled.

I’m getting ticked off with the Gainesville Sun over their lack of coverage for the women’s team. This team is breaking all kinds of records – and I wouldn’t be surprised if Amanda Butler wins coach of the year. (Last year Van Chancellor won coach of the year and even he indicated it should have been Butler) But the testosterone laden sports page of the GSun seems to treat the women’s team as an afterthought. Several years ago I wrote a letter to the sports editor and he was very pissy – I’ll do it again this year and if he’s still pissy I’ll cancel the subscription.

I’ve procrastinated long enough – laundry here I come.

Faint of heart? Avert your eyes…now…do not look at the picture!

I’m fascinated by my finger injury. I’ve gotten over the emotional trauma of it – well, most of it, I think. I still have a ways to go before the finger function is back to “normal” – I’m hopeful that the sensitivity will improve with time because I have lots of plans for this little digit.

The appearance of the finger is something I’m getting used to – especially now that the nail is gone. I’ve been advised that there is a small chance that it could try to grow back if all the nail cells weren’t removed. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

My next task is to straighten out the finger and the two surrounding it. I’m forgoing conventional physical therapy for therapeutic massage therapy. I went to a physical therapist but had little improvement. I went to a trusted massage therapist and made measureable progress. Interstingly, I’ve never been an “alternative” medicine type of person. But when I had my frozen shoulder, it was massage therapy that worked, not physical therapy. So, my eyes have opened a little wider and I’m less likely to just go the traditional route if a better, but alternative, route exists.

I’ve rambled on and I need to get back to work. Here’s a pic of my finger taken last night. Click on the picture to get up close and personal.


A Little Disappontment

I am back from the doctor. My stitches are NOT ready to come out – need to give it another week! I was so disappointed. The good thing is the bandages are off – I was able to view the site – kind of interesting looking. I don’t have to put my hand in a ziploc when I shower – so, that’s a good thing. But I was ready for this to be over. I’ll just keep some light dressing on it and look forward to next Wednesday when we’ll try again.

It’s quite cold outside – not even the dogs want to stay outside for too long. At least the sun is out.

Did I tell you that we subscribed to Netflix? We’re working our way through Boston Legal. Netflix was cheaper and more convenient than driving to a video rental store. Since the mail is going to be delivered anyway, why not throw a dvd in there. We’ve also enjoyed watching some movies and tv shows online. Maybe cutting cable will be in our future?

My lunch is finished and it’s time to get back to work. No picture today – sorry, I like visuals myself. But I need to take the camera out – didn’t think to take a pic of my finger – maybe I will next time I undress it.


This and That

Tomorrow I go to get the bandage and stitches removed from my injury site. I’m looking forward to it being over with. I know that I will need months, maybe a year, before sensation returns to normal (if it ever does). My guitar sits in a corner forlorn and neglected. Miriam said the sweetest thing to me the other day, “I miss you playing.” I’ve found a finger pick that may allow me to play classical again. Soon, I hope, soon.

The UF women’s basketball team is playing so well this year. Thursday they play Alabama at Alabama. Then they come home Sunday to play Tennessee. ESPN2 is going to carry the game nationally – hey fans, game starts at 5pm, but doors open at 3:30pm. We’ll be there when the doors open. There will be special reserved seating for BCC members – and remember to stand for the first four minutes. Go Gators!

I’m one of those State Farm casualties. Have had both home and car with State Farm for about 18 years. They’ve never paid a claim on my behalf. And now, they’re ditching me. Nat, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the whole concept of insurance was to spread the risk. And yet, it appears that State Farm, along with a bunch of other companies, has actually concentrated the risk by creating a separate Florida company. Anyway, I’m am starting to look around – both lines of business will be moved – State Farm will lose my car, as well. Bastards. It’s my blog – I can say this. Apologies to the children

And now to top it all off, Microsoft has fired the Flight Simulator developers! What is the world coming to?

Later gators.