Happy Holidays!

I was reading an article from NBCNews entitled “Using Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays is no longer about putting a stranger at ease“.

I came across this quote from the above referenced article: “Today, however, the practice of using “Merry Christmas” is a fraught one. The choice between sticking with the traditional salutation or the more politically correct “Happy Holidays” is riven by differences in ideology, age, geography and gender. The person most likely to insist on “Merry Christmas” would be a Republican man over 60 who lives in the Midwest; the archetypal “Happy Holidays” proponent is a young (18 to 29) female Democrat living in the Northeast.”

The part of this quote that infuriates me is where the writer assumes that I’m using “Happy Holidays” in order to be politically correct. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I use “Happy Holidays” in order to be sensitive to diversity, realizing that not everyone is a Christian and not everyone celebrates this time of year the same way.

So, dear writer, Melissa Mohr, stop making asinine assumptions about why we say what we say.


Scrooge in Rouge

Saw the play “Scrooge in Rouge” at The Hipp today. It was a really fun play and well done by the small cast.

Holiday lights at The Hipp.
There’s not a bad seat in the house.

We usually try to catch one of the holiday plays. Our friend, Sandy, enjoyed it with us. Afterward, we dined at a downtown restaurant and was able to catch up on what’s been happening. It’s finals week here and some students have already left for the winter break. Best time of year to enjoy eateries downtown…no long waits!