Coach Butler is Awesome!

Well, Gator fans we didn’t get it done today. But it sure was fun being an honorary coach. Our host, Lani, was fantastic. And who would have known the other honorary coach was none other than a friend of my parents!

A perk of being an honorary coach is that you get to be in the locker room when Coach Butler gives her pre-game talk. She was so intense that I wanted to suit up right then and there and go play! Just awesome.

Now, we wait to see where Florida will be seeded for the SEC tourney. It’s been a tough year – not quite what we had expected but we’re hoping we’ll make a push in the tournament and play a few more games. At this point, the only way we make it to the big dance is to win the tourney. So, let’s go Gators!

Yep, Just call me Coach Lisa

Good Morning Coach Lisa,

Just a reminder that this Sunday Feb. 28 Tip off is 3:00pm. Gators play Alabama.

We are looking forward to having you as our guest. You and your guest should be at the Will Call door Gate 1 by 2:10 at the very latest. We will attend Coach Butler’s pre-game talk and at half time Pizza and soft drinks will be served. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Lani McQuade
Executive Assist
Women’s Basketball
Univ. Athletic Assoc.

No Excuses…Just Do It!

While most you were probably home, still in your warm bed or having breakfast drinking a steaming cup of coffee, Mir, Norma and I were freezing our butts off waiting for the start of our first 5k. Yes, OUR FIRST 5K!

The goal was simple – to finish standing up. And we did. My official time was 36min 23sec – I will now call this my personal best (PB). I came close to bonking…I started off well but somewhere around the 2 mile mark I began to fade. Then I heard a voice say “on your left”…it was Mir running with Dr. Amy. I fell in step with their steady cadence and finished strong. What did I take away from this run? Not bad for a forty-something year old…not bad at all…

Oh yeah, a huge perk from running a 5K – you can go out for breakfast, then go home, lie in your recliner with your dog on your lap, take a nap…and not feel guilty. Life is good!

AARP Membership Application

I received a membership application from AARP in today’s mail. I guess they’re trying to get us while we’re young. I was curious because I am not age 50 nor will I be 50 within a year. So, I went online and found that if you’re younger than 50 and support the ideals of AARP you can become an associate member and then become a full member when you turn 50.

Training for the 5k is, well, non-existent. But that’s okay. We’re going to still run it and do our best.
Tomorrow the UF Women’s Basketball team plays LSU at the O’Connell Center at 7pm. Be there or be square.

Busy Weekend

It’s been an incredibly busy weekend. Fun, but busy. By the way don’t forget to check our remodelling blog. The permit got posted last week. Next week I’ll need to get the “Notice of Commencement” signed and notarized – it needs to be done prior to the first inspection.

I’m writing this while watching the Super Bowl. Peanus is sleeping on the couch and M is relaxing in her chair providing commentary on the game. Time for another commercial. The commercials started out kind of strong with Betty White and Abe Vigoda in the Snickers commercial and then my favorite – the Doritos one with the dog – it made me want to go out and buy a bag. But since then they’ve been less than stellar.

We attended the uf women’s basketball game today. It was a tense one – we won in double overtime. I was drained at the end. But it was another good win – every game is crucial if we want to make it to the dance. Prior to the game we attended an Alumni Reception hosted by the Backcourt club and met several former players – a great way to spend our Sunday!

Looking ahead, our 5k is Saturday, Feb 13. I won’t discuss our training or lack thereof. I’m going to let my adrenalin take me through the race. That and my good looks.

A Restaurant Review – Civilization

We went to a new local restaurant this past weekend and had a lovely meal. You can read the Gainesville Sun’s review here. The restaurant is located on NW 2nd Street near 16th Avenue – where the former 2nd Street Bakery was. We decided to get there when they opened because we felt the good review from the Sun would increase patrons. We were the first ones there and when we left there was a waiting line – all tables inside and outside were filled!

I had one of the specials, “Mushroom Stroganoff” – it was delicious. My beverage choice was an Irish red beer – also good. And then to finish it off, I shared a chocolate mousse with M. It was all very good. The ambience was nice, too. The total bill for two entrees, two beers and a chocolate mousse was $41.00. Well worth it.

Two thumbs up.