A Restaurant Review – Civilization

We went to a new local restaurant this past weekend and had a lovely meal. You can read the Gainesville Sun’s review here. The restaurant is located on NW 2nd Street near 16th Avenue – where the former 2nd Street Bakery was. We decided to get there when they opened because we felt the good review from the Sun would increase patrons. We were the first ones there and when we left there was a waiting line – all tables inside and outside were filled!

I had one of the specials, “Mushroom Stroganoff” – it was delicious. My beverage choice was an Irish red beer – also good. And then to finish it off, I shared a chocolate mousse with M. It was all very good. The ambience was nice, too. The total bill for two entrees, two beers and a chocolate mousse was $41.00. Well worth it.

Two thumbs up.

One thought on “A Restaurant Review – Civilization

  1. G8rAlly February 2, 2010 / 11:01 AM

    We love Civilization, too! I had a penne pasta dish with homemade tomato sauce with capers and melted mozzarella cheese. Andrew had the Portabella Stroganoff. Mine was excellent, but I think his was even better. We will definitely be going back!

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