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I Smell a Cat!

Peanut smelled a cat. Unfortunately, our neighbors allow their cats to roam the neighborhood. This is a really bad idea – especially if a cat wanders into our back yard. It infuriates us because we experience the pain and trauma when something bad happens. Not to mention injuries sustained by our dogs.

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Pet Sitting…Tough Gig or Luxury Vacation

M is pet sitting for some friends of ours. It may be a tough gig for her. Here is a picture of Gracie, one of her charges. Darcy, the other charge, was reposing inside the house and not available for the photograph.

So, what’s so tough about the gig? She has the pool, hot tub and pool table.

Well, my friends, M is missing her cook – her dinner tonight:

My dinner tonight: – a medley of asian veggies and shrimp. Yummo!

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Let’s Play Ball!

When she’s not chasing after the ball, Peanut’s favorite thing to do is to destroy the ball. We’ve tried explaining to her that resources are limited and we cannot replace every ball she chews to bits. The count is four new balls so far this summer.

And yes, there was a rope that feeds through the middle – she ripped it apart on day two of the new ball.

It’s really fun to pick up the ball and throw it after she’s slimed it. Yuck.