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Training began today for a 5k we are doing on February 13. M, for an unknown reason, agreed to do this and I have offered my assistance in training.

We went to Lloyd Clarkes to get running shoes. Bobby was very helpful in helping us find and fit the right shoes. Our first training run was a series of walking and running – it was a very beautiful day and perfect temperature for this. We covered about 2.25 miles – not bad for the first day. The plan is to take tomorrow off and train again on Tuesday.

The run takes place on the UF campus – I like that it’s so close to the hospital. It starts at 8am which could be a problem for M.

In case you’re interested, here is the link to the 5k we are doing is Life South.

The shoes in the picture are mine and nicely staged by M.

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A Winter Poem

Some friends of our sent us a lovely poem. It was of comfort to them and they thought it might be of comfort to us. Enjoy!

“Winter” by Elizabeth Abigail McIntyre

“SHIT! It’s cold!”

The End.

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It’s Frickin’ Cold!

M is preparing to go outside with Peanut to ensure that she took care of business before night-night.

“It’s frickin’ cold!” has become my favorite phrase this week – and it looks like I’m going to continue using it through the weekend. I can’t remember such severe cold for so long a period. Dammit, this is Florida!