Life is Complete

Well, folks, I feel like my life is now complete. I’m just sorry it has to come on the heels of a natural disaster.

What has made my life complete?

It’s not everyday that one of my favorite CEOs likes a tweet of mine. Today it was none other than Tim Cook. Yes, I do admit to dancing a jig when I saw it.

Hey folks, Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc in Texas. Organizations like the Red Cross are going to need our help. I cannot say it strongly enough – Texas is in a world of hurt right now and it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

Do what you can. Donate now. Every little bit helps when we all pitch in.

Just do it!


UF Denies Nazis

From UF President:

Aug. 16, 2017

Dear Campus Community:

Amid serious concerns for safety, we have decided to deny the National Policy Institute’s request to rent event space at the University of Florida.

This decision was made after assessing potential risks with campus, community, state and federal law enforcement officials following violent clashes in Charlottesville, Va., and continued calls online and in social media for similar violence in Gainesville such as those decreeing: “The Next Battlefield is in Florida.”

I find the racist rhetoric of Richard Spencer and white nationalism repugnant and counter to everything the university and this nation stands for.

That said, the University of Florida remains unwaveringly dedicated to free speech and the spirit of public discourse. However, the First Amendment does not require a public institution to risk imminent violence to students and others.

The likelihood of violence and potential injury – not the words or ideas – has caused us to take this action.

Warm Regards,

W. Kent Fuchs
University of Florida