Bed ‘N Biscuit A Success!

We have determined that Boxer and Sydney’s stay at Bed ‘N Biscuit was a success. We are mulling over the idea of introducing Peanut to Mila. Of course, Peanut presents her own issues of fence climbing and escape, so we’ll tread carefully with her.

While on vacation, we did communicate with Mila and want to share with you some her descriptions of our dogs. They are priceless!

“They are taking to their boarding adventure with relish: arguing across the fence with some dogs they despise and giving friendly sniffs to others who are OK by their doggy standards. I marvel how they decide INSTANTLY whom to love and whom to display all their teeth to!”

“Your doggies are troopers! Miss Sydney has some likes and dislikes, and she gives the Dislikes a piece of her mind across the fence…. Then she goes to her favorites and does nicey-face at them. Boxer thinks all that girl stuff is plain silly and would rather watch the squirrels and coax them down from the trees with soulful eyes.”

Spot on, Mila, spot on!

St. Augustine – Part Deux

Ah, the city of St. Augustine! We enjoyed a fun six days in this historic city. Here is one of many statues displayed in this historic town. It was taken in front of the Lightner Museum and no, we did not go inside…but we decided to act like a tourist and take its picture…we passed it many times as we walked to and from our lodgings.

For those of you familiar with St. Augustine, the first morning we breakfasted at The Bunnery Cafe, but then we found this bagel place. The owners were nice and the bagels and coffee rocked. They even let us bring Peanut! Super cool…

We went kayaking for the first time ever and we will certainly do it again. You can see downtown St. Augustine from here. If you want to kayak, go to Anastasia State Park. They’ve got an outfitter there that will set you up with everything you need. When we went they were cash only – and rental fees start at $20 for the first hour. We got quite the upper body workout.

Another view. We picked a lovely day to paddle.

When you go to Anastasia park you must stop by Island Joes for a fish taco, fish and chips, hamburger, etc. The food was good and the owners really nice. There’s a small store next door in case you forgot something – lots of camping supplies and other stuff.

We enjoyed Anastasia so much that we decided on a whim to cycle there. We had to cross the Bridge of Lions. Nice views, eh? Lisa looks real smart wearing her Tilley.

The great thing about this vacation was that we didn’t have television, internet or a stove. So, we were forced to get out and get out a lot – yes, every meal was eaten out. But, we loved it! We walked so many miles! And ate at some very good restaurants! This was definitely one of our most enjoyable and satisfying vacations. Thank you Terry and Tom for allowing us to stay at your place. You rock! And St. Augustine rocks!