In the pursuit of truth

Don’t let vegans get away with their half-truths.

Properly managed ruminant farming is carbon NEGATIVE.

Vegans make up an incredibly small percent of the population. So, how is it that their misleading propaganda is all over the place? Follow the money.

And any diet that REQUIRES huge exogenous supplementation is inherently UNHEALTHY. Therefore, veganism is unhealthy.

Humans evolved BECAUSE they ate animal food. Period.

An Evening In TRANSylvania

TNT held their annual halloween bash in St. Augustine. As usual, it was great fun. The theme was an emphasis on “trans” – men dress up as women and women dress up as men — or just come as whatever. There were some great costumes!

Our hosts – T n T
Great visual effects.
The most interesting man in the world and the son of man.
Diane and Thomosina
Rick and Thomosina
Chuck the witch
Wonderful salsa band – let’s dance! See their facebook page.
Chuck, Miriam and Rick – some beautiful chicks!

Though we didn’t have a dog sitter, the drive there and back was well worth it. Always fun to visit friends in St. Augustine. Thank you TnT!