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In the pursuit of truth

Don’t let vegans get away with their half-truths.

Properly managed ruminant farming is carbon NEGATIVE.

Vegans make up an incredibly small percent of the population. So, how is it that their misleading propaganda is all over the place? Follow the money.

And any diet that REQUIRES huge exogenous supplementation is inherently UNHEALTHY. Therefore, veganism is unhealthy.

Humans evolved BECAUSE they ate animal food. Period.


I’m progressive but don’t support Bernie. Anyone who voted against the Magnitsky Act, hired Tad Devine to disrupt the Democratic party is a Russian agent - looking at you Bernie. I’m an application developer. I enjoy plucking the strings of a classical guitar and reading a good book. I have a special interest in nutrition. Pro tip: it’s the refined carbs, stupid. If you support Trump - fuck you - and go to hell.

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