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A Quiet September

Life has been somewhat uneventful as of late. Mind you, we’re not complaining. It’s busier than we’d like – but there you have it. This week the most exciting event was getting a hitch installed on the truck. We’ve been throwing our bikes in the bed of the truck when heading out to the Hawthorne Trail. So, we finally took the truck to Uhaul and had a hitch put on. Now we can use our bike rack and keep the bikes safer and less likely to get messed up.

October is just around the corner and preparing for Halloween is paramount. This year we’ve order some items from Oriental Trading – nope, can’t divulge what they are – that would spoil the special night. So, lest you be worried, Halloween planning is in full force.

Oh, the Gators play Tennesse this week. Saturday will be a crazy day. Go Gators!

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Graphic But Powerful Video

If you’ve ever text messaged while driving…or even thought about it…attempted a phone call…or whatever…the following video will impact you. This is a public service message created in the UK, but is applicable anywhere. Heed it’s message.

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