Because Impeachment would be divisive…

David Rothkopf says it more concisely and to the point than I can. Here’s a paraphrase from his writing:

The GOP is saying let’s not impeach the president because it would be divisive. We need to unify, they say.

Here are some things that the GOP apparently didn’t find divisive:

Launching an insurrection against the US Government

Seeking to disenfranchise 81 million Americans

Seeking to negate the votes of African Americans

Attacking the Capitol

Killing Capitol police officers

Inciting riots that claimed 5 lives

Participating in the largest act of domestic terrorism in US history

Hunting down Congresspeople in the halls of Congress

Supporting and defending white supremacists

Supporting and defending Neo-Nazis

Turning US federal force against peaceful protesters

Calling Mexicans rapists

Discriminating against Muslims

Breaking up families and putting children in cages

Ending protections for children born innocently in the US

Promoting economic policies that help only the rich in America and fostering the worst inequality in our country

Seeking to stigmatize those who sought to do the right thing to protect America from a deadly pandemic

Contributing to the spread of a disease that has killed hundreds of thousands — disproportionately people of color and the elderly

Seeking policies that deny COVID relief to states with Democratic leadership

Seeking to help only those close to the GOP leadership

Repeatedly attacking the credibility of the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies

Supporting and collaborating with foreign enemies

Lying tens of thousands of times to the American people

Calling for Hillary Clinton to be locked up

Obstructing all judicial nominees from a Democratic president

Countless hours of expensive and POINTLESS Benghazi investigations

Pointless and expensive investigations and unfounded conspiracy theory mongering about Hillary Clinton’s emails

The list could go on…

There is one reason and one reason only why enablers of the president oppose seeking accountability for Trump’s seditious plot and the attempted coup against the government. They know they are culpable, they know that their leaders sought not just to divide the country but to tear its government down. They oppose impeachment and serious consequences for all involved because that would mean that many of their leaders would be stripped of their ability to serve in the US government (per 14th Amendment) and face potential serious criminal liability. They know that seeking justice and defending the country and its institutions and its principles puts them squarely in the cross-hairs. And so, they are desperately trying to deflect attention.

Don’t fall for it. Demand accountability.

Safeguards in place…

That I even have to mention this is mind-boggling. Today Nancy Pelosi told her caucus that she has gotten assurances there are safeguards in place in the event President Trump wants to launch a nuclear weapon.

Let’s hope these safeguards are better than the ones protecting the joint session of Congress, including the VP, on January 6, 2021.

I’ll direct this question to a certain family member: Are you still committed to using the term “protesters” to describe these people or are you ready to apply the appropriate terms: thugs, insurrectionists, terrorists, deplorables, seditionists….?

I’ll wait…..

Let’s Be Mindful of the Facts

Biden won the election. Trump lost.

Several GOP states determined the order of counting the votes by not allowing mail-votes to be counted until Election Day. This was by design – make it appear early that Trump was winning. Then cry foul when ALL the votes are counted.

In his efforts to disenfranchise millions of legal voters and, many of those black voters, Trump has lost virtually every legal challenge. Outside of court Trump and the GOP cried foul and fraud. In court, in front of a judge, where perjury and license censure became possible, Trump’s lawyers explicitly said “no fraud”. This is grifter’s show. Trump is laughing all the way to the bank. And you, Trump voters, have enabled him.

We have seen before our eyes an attempted coup. Literally. Had it not been for an independent judiciary, Trump and the GOP would have toppled our democracy in their quest for money and power.

Unfortunately, this is not over. The GOP is a threat to our democracy. Believe what you see.

This is not hyperbole.

To Trumpers everywhere – Trump has shown you who he is. The burning question: who are you loyal to? The United States Constitution and democracy or Donald Trump?


Suggested Podcasts

Some of my favorite podcasts right now are mostly political in nature. With T**** in office still, the shit show continues and it helps to listen to sane voices. One of my new favorites is The Bulwark Podcast. It’s hosted by Charlie Sykes and is, wait for it, a conservative podcast. Charlie is the kind of conservative that existed before the current GOP kowtowed to T**** and authoritarianism. He and his guests have a lot of insight from the old style Republican point of view.

Another podcast I’ve been enjoying is Battleground with David Plouffe & Steve Schmidt. David Plouffe is a Democrat and Steve Schmidt is a Republican and they’ve joined forces to create an interesting podcast with different points of view but with a similar moral core.

The last one I’ll mention today is a partisan podcast – but I just like the guys – Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor. This one is called Pod Save America.

I’ve got a ton of non-political podcasts that I enjoy but I’ll save those for another day.


So true

We see this being played out across America. As demographics shift the GOP gets more and more bold in their efforts to disenfranchise and suppress the vote of those who would boot them from office.

If you vote GOP you are part of the problem. So, get your fucking head out of the sand, look around you and stop enabling authoritarianism.