Butterflies and Bees…

This summer we have had an abundance of butterflies and bees in our yard. When we landscaped we had a butterfly garden planted. It’s been fun watching the various activities of our little creatures.

The garden has been colorful.

We’ve seen an assortment of bees including bumblebees.

This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail posed for me at lunchtime.

Oh yea, hummingbirds also enjoyed our garden.

Later Gator!


Apple Girl, Apple Girl, Apple Girl!

Got this in the mail the other day…

DELL misses me as you can see by the mailing above. When you have something decent to offer me, let me know. The last laptop I purchased from you was a dud. It was expensive and high end…which makes it even more painful. And don’t get me started on Windows. I’ve had my Mac Book Pro for over a year WITH NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER! I love it and I don’t love you anymore, DELL. I’m an Apple girl now.

Have a nice life.


More Pics from the Beach

I received my daily allotment of beach pictures today. A very special thank you to our new family photographer.

A double rainbow…there’s some serious gold at the end of these rainbows.

Nice sunset.

Zoom in and you can see the bird hunting for fish, crustaceans, etc.

Nice panoramic view of a flock of pelicans.

Unfortunately, the vacation is coming to an end…and so will the pictures. Hope you have enjoyed them!


What More Did I Miss?

Emma and Miriam took a ride to “downtown” Fort Myers Beach. There are ancient relicts everywhere – here is Emma at one of those ancient treasures.

Would have loved to have some of that ancient liquid in the those ancient bottles…

There’s a nice sized pier downtown, as well. I don’t think it is as ancient as the statue above.

Looked like a little rain was headed their way…wonder if there’s fishing from the pier. Will have to check that out next time.