November Weekend

It’s a slow Saturday. Came home from grocking today and saw our neighbor, Bodhi, napping in his favorite spot.
Last night Sydney spent the evening destroying her favorite purple hippo. We’ve ordered some new toys for her – she’s being weaned from Prozac and needs some more toys to destroy.
And yes, it’s basketball season. Here is a proud mom holding the head of January Miller, a fearless competitor. So, glad she’s a Gator. Come out to next game on Tuesday at 7pm against St. Johns.
And then there’s Peanut. She found the rocks comfortable. Her ears? They’re very expressive and she insisted on flattening them for the photo. 
Just finished listening to Steve Russell’s show after the loss to Georgia Southern. I’ve generally supported Will Muschamp being given another year. I must say, though, that I’m concerned whether he can do the job. Although, last year’s team went 11-2, I never felt it was a great team and its shortcomings were exposed in the sugar bowl. This year seemed to be a continuation of that. Despite the team’s woes I do not support booing these players. Remember these are kids out there. Show some civility, Gator fans.
It looks like it just started raining. This one’s gonna bring cold weather. Oh, joy.