Field Trip to Goodwin’s

We will be entering another renovation phase in the coming months. The items we will be tackling are fairly simple and straightforward. The kitchen needs some task lighting. We’re also going to pull up the tile floor and restore/replace with heart pine that will match the rest of the house. With the floor change, the backsplash will need to change. We’ve already determined the tile for the backsplash and it’s going to have an island look and feel. I almost forgot to mention that the french doors into the office will also be replaced. The mullions from the original have been chewed by various dogs through the years. We’ve picked out some gorgeous replacement doors.

The tile floor resides on top of the original pine floor. We’re not confident that much of it can be restored given the way the “bad news contractors” gouged it back in 2001. So, we have met with Rudy (the floor guy) and he will be installing, sanding and finishing the floor. Our contractor suggested we take a ride out to Goodwin (near Micanopy) to see their offerings and talk about our floor.

Log pond

Out at Goodwin’s we met a terrific guy named Jeffrey who talked to us about everything and even took us on a tour of the operation. It’s quite fascinating. The above log pond is where reclaimed logs from rivers are stored. Back in the day, before the railroad, logs would be transported via rivers and they typically lost 10-15% of them along the way. The resin in the logs protects the inner part from water.

Our floor

Our floor is combo of heart and elder pine. See the tile at the top of the image? This is what we’re going to replace.

2 3/8″ width

Our floor is 2 3/8 inches wide. It’s not a standard size these days so our wood will be milled custom for us. It’s not an inexpensive venture but replacing the kitchen floor is going to transform the space.

We’ll check back in as renovations begin.