The Grass is as High as an Elephant’s Eye

It’s not often we allow our grass to grow to this state. Even Mr. Contractor mentioned the height of the lawn. We think he doesn’t want it to distract from the beauty of the addition. Not to worry – we mowed Saturday and it looks pretty good right now.

Went to a fun party yesterday – there was food, live music and nice people. Sort of restores your faith in humanity. A nice way to spend a Saturday evening. Thanks Terry and Tom – we had a really nice time!

All dogs were bathed today! The cleanliness won’t last long, especially since the backyard is a sand pit and likely to stay that way until the remodel is finished and we can throw some $$$ at it.

Another Basketball Season Complete

It’s hard to believe that the college basketball season is officially over. We attended the UF Women’s Basketball End Of Year Banquet yesterday evening. As usual, it was very enjoyable. Coach Butler and her staff handed out awards to the players and we said a final goodbye to the fabulous five seniors.

I’m optimistic about next year. The undersclassmen seem to have a close relationship. Together they said their goodbyes to the seniors in a very special way. I really like how this group works together. And I think there’s going to be some good team leadership next year.

Here’s to the UF women’s basketball team! Go Gators!

Here Comes the Sun…

Like many, we attended the Spring Arts Festival on Saturday. We timed it so we arrived just as the Orange and Blue game was starting. Worked great – never felt claustrophobic.

The art was nice – we tended to gravitate towards art that made us smile or laugh. We considered purchasing a couple of pieces but then decided to wait until the remodel was complete.

As we headed home we walked through the Thomas Center gardens and encountered some live music. We sat for a few minutes and listened to some “jazz” (some tunes were, some weren’t). We then strolled over to the kids area and saw some really neat art created by some talented young people. We were impressed. The art exhibitor for the children indicated that the kids – even as young as 6 – priced their own work. That explained the $500 price tag on one of the pieces.

We also noticed that the bas-relief and sculptures had been recently painted – and beautifully I might add. The turtle above is one example.

In the evening, we took Boxer for a walk and were surprised to still hear music coming from the Thomas Center. We headed that way and sat for a few minutes listening to a fantastic band – GruvTherapy.

What a great day!

An aside: Why the title “Here Comes the Sun”? In high school a group of us had to film a movie for our humanities class. We decided to film the Spring Arts Festival and set the theme music to “Here Comes the Sun”. So, whenever I hear that song, I think of the festival…and vice versa. In fact, I’m humming it right now.

Ciao baby!

Hard Work and Its Rewards

It’s that time of year when we bring out the mower and other yard tools. It was very warm this weekend and perfect for working in the yard. We cleaned it up and got back that curb appeal we love so dear. And when you work hard the rewards are great.

After sprucing the yard, I mixed up some gourmet hamburgers and sauteed some onions and mushrooms.

Mir concocted her delicious strawberry colada and grilled the burgers. What a gastronomical delight!

Rock on!