This and That

Yesterday our neighbor, Mandy, stopped by to chat. While she was here our neighbors across the street called to see if they could check out our remodel and take some measurements. They’re also getting some plans drawn up in anticipation of their own remodelling. So, they came over and we had a grand time viewing their new plans and talking about the remodel, etc., etc. Suddenly, hanging down from our fence was the notice below:

We had monopolized Mandy for so long that Thomas was handing out flyers trying to find her. Of course we invited him over too and had a grand time. Let me report that our new porch was plenty big enough for all of us. Can’t wait til it’s finished. Please hurry, Mr. Contractor.

Natura Pet Sold to Proctor & Gamble – Ugh!

Well, friends, we will be looking for a new dog food. Natura Pet, which makes several different pet foods including California Natural that we feed to our dogs, has been sold to Proctor & Gamble. The song, “Another One Bites the Dust” comes to mind. I can guarantee you that even though Natura Pet says, “we will continue to deliver the high quality products that have earned consumers’ trust”, the food ingredients and formulation will change and become another big box dog food that’s crap. I believe you are what you eat. That goes for our pets, too. Yes, it’s more expensive but they’re worth it. Period.

An Alternative to Coke Products?

Looking for an alternative to the typical soft drink? Trying to avoid HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)? A co-worker, Andrew, turned us on to this brand. The ingredients are much better than what you’ll find in Coke or something similar. The ginger ale even has Vitamin C.

We don’t drink much soda but when we do we’re now reaching for one of these. There are a bunch of different flavors. Check them out at Ward’s.

Congratulations Graduates!

Everyone in Gainesville knows this weekend was graduation weekend. Our neighbor and friend, Mandy, who has been toiling to obtain her nursing degree invited us to her pinning ceremony on Friday. I could not attend, but Mir did. Mir said it was one of the nicer ceremonies she’s attended. We are just proud to see Mandy reach an important goal in her life. Next up is studying for boards. Not to be outdone, her housemate Thomas graduated in Nuclear Engineering and is head to MIT for graduate school. Way to go both of you!

A New Favorite Beer

We were at Ward’s and Mir saw this beer and thought it sounded interesting. So, we bought a six-pack to try and this has become one of our new favorite beers. Lisa is a beer snob and very rarely drinks American made beer but this one she likes. It’s made in Mississippi of all places. So, next time you’re at Ward’s pick it up and try it.