So true

We see this being played out across America. As demographics shift the GOP gets more and more bold in their efforts to disenfranchise and suppress the vote of those who would boot them from office.

If you vote GOP you are part of the problem. So, get your fucking head out of the sand, look around you and stop enabling authoritarianism.

A sobering read from The Atlantic

Nearly half of the voters have seen Trump in all of his splendor—his infantile tirades, his disastrous and lethal policies, his contempt for democracy in all its forms—and they decided that they wanted more of it. His voters can no longer hide behind excuses about the corruption of Hillary Clinton or their willingness to take a chance on an unproven political novice. They cannot feign ignorance about how Trump would rule. They know, and they have embraced him.

Sadly, the voters who said in 2016 that they chose Trump because they thought he was “just like them” turned out to be right. Now, by picking him again, those voters are showing that they are just like him: angry, spoiled, racially resentful, aggrieved, and willing to die rather than ever admit that they were wrong.

Excerpt from The Atlantic