It’s not Halloween unless TNT host their annual Halloween Bash! This year’s hallowed event was held at Rotting Oaks Cemetery in Greater BFA. Hey, redneck, get out of my picture. ( that was for you, Terry)

Our ghoulish hosts, the Count and Countess Dracula, with Braveheart.  The missus looks to whisper sweet nothings in his ears….wait, no…eat sweet nothings, apparently…

…And security is so important at these grisly events…this is Precious…nice doggie…Precious likes bones…Precious wants another bone…do you have a bone for Precious?…nice doggie…

Oh, dear, a sweet child…turned to stone and now, alas, will spend eternity holding jack-o-lanterns…so, children, when Grandmama tells you not to open the door to the attic…heed her words…

There was something very odd about the haunted manor…this room in particular…something just wasn’t right….

A harmless little fire to warm us on a cool October evening…who was that rocking in the chair…

Beware the night…and things that go bump….BOO!

Happy Halloween!

It’s Almost Heeeeeeeere!

Our favorite time of year is almost here! Less than a month from the first tip-off on November 8.

Today was our booster club’s annual “tip-off” event to welcome back members and sign up new ones. I  had the privilege of posing with our loveliest mascot, Alberta.

Consider joining the Gator Backcourt Club – the official booster club for Florida Women’s Basketball. See our website at

Go Gators!

This and that…

Why an empty trash can? I was thrilled and thankful to see it empty at lunch today. When I left for work this morning it was occupied by an injured opossum. I won’t go into detail about the cause of the injuries…all I can say is thank goodness for Florida Wildlife Care! They are wonderful and we will be donating to this organization…again…they’ve helped us before.

I just had a hankering to snap a pic of this butterfly in the backyard.

We went to St. Augustine to celebrate our anniversary. Here are Mir and Sydney in the center of town.

Okie dokie, it’s getting late and both girls need to wee wee before nite nite, the girls being Pea and Syd, that is.