Weighing in on Health Care Reform

If you’re interested in some very informative and interesting information on health care reform visit Bill Moyers Journal at pbs.org. There are a number of videos that will get you thinking and explain to you how our system really works.

I believe we need fundamental change in our system and I fear the Congress is going to f%#k everthing up. Our system is bad and we cannot throw good money after bad. I don’t believe insurance companies bring any value to the table – instead they skim off anywhere from 16% to 26% for shareholder and CEO enrichment. I don’t know about you, but if I lose my job, I lose my health care.

I’m also hearing that Congress is writing language that would prevent negotiating lower prices from pharmaceuticals – much like they did with Medicare D (the drug benefit). Does anyone else think this is wrong?

I’m disappointed in our President. He needs to grow a couple of cajones and put together a real plan for change.

Last nights show on Bill Moyers showed part of a film called “Money-Driven Medicine”. It was fascinating. And if you live in Gainesville – a health care mecca – the film really hits home.

So, friends, I urge you to go to alternative sources for news – don’t rely on the major networks to give you the real deal – they just give you the sound bites that the health care industrial complex wants you to hear.

We Honor You with Our Flag

We are flying our flag to honor Ted Kennedy. “Kennedy was in some ways larger than life, but at the same time he was undisputably human, his good and bad always subject to intense public scrutiny”. Kennedy once said “I recognize my own shortcomings, the faults in the conduct of my private life. I realize that I alone am responsible for them, and I am the one who must confront them.” Despite all this Kennedy has always been a champion for those less fortunate giving a voice to those who needed it most – children, minorities, immigrants, the poor and disabled. We already miss you. Thank you Senator Kennedy.

Earth Pets Has a Second Location!


Earth Pets has opened up a second location near the Main Street Publix! We visited the store today and they are going to carry pretty much what they carry at the other store. No more having to go to the mall area to get food. Now, we can easily ride our bikes to the store to pick up the food.

While we were there Miriam met Buster – the resident cat. Buster has a great personality and took to Mir like a fish to water. Neat cat.

We can’t plug Earth Pets enough. They sell great food – you can’t find it at Walmart or the grocery store. If you’ve ever read “The Whole Dog Journal” you’ll know that good food is essential to a healthy pet and Earth Pets sells many of the brands recommended by the journal. Think about it – when we had the food contamination situation involving China – Earth Pets didn’t need to pull any food off their shelves. They don’t sell crap. And I don’t mind spending a little more for dog food because my dogs are worth it.

Earth Pets Organic is located at 404 NW 10th Avenue. Their website is at http://www.earthpetsorganic.com.

So, those of you living on our side of town – get out there and support a local business that sells some really fine products!

Playing at Lunch

I often spend part of my lunch playing fetch with Peanut – it accomplishes two things – it redirects her from anxiousness and tires her out. Peanut is what you call “high strung”. She runs on high idle most of the time. She becomes anxious very easily and doesn’t seem to know how to relax.

I took this quick video during lunch today. Yes, this is the same little Peanut who likes to climb fences.