Weighing in on Health Care Reform

If you’re interested in some very informative and interesting information on health care reform visit Bill Moyers Journal at pbs.org. There are a number of videos that will get you thinking and explain to you how our system really works.

I believe we need fundamental change in our system and I fear the Congress is going to f%#k everthing up. Our system is bad and we cannot throw good money after bad. I don’t believe insurance companies bring any value to the table – instead they skim off anywhere from 16% to 26% for shareholder and CEO enrichment. I don’t know about you, but if I lose my job, I lose my health care.

I’m also hearing that Congress is writing language that would prevent negotiating lower prices from pharmaceuticals – much like they did with Medicare D (the drug benefit). Does anyone else think this is wrong?

I’m disappointed in our President. He needs to grow a couple of cajones and put together a real plan for change.

Last nights show on Bill Moyers showed part of a film called “Money-Driven Medicine”. It was fascinating. And if you live in Gainesville – a health care mecca – the film really hits home.

So, friends, I urge you to go to alternative sources for news – don’t rely on the major networks to give you the real deal – they just give you the sound bites that the health care industrial complex wants you to hear.

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