And it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out….

I said I never would – but I did. I attended a baseball game at Tropicana Field yesterday – the Mets against the Rays.

I live with a die hard Mets fan. So, we jumped at the opportunity to see the Mets play so close to home.

Our seats were pretty good. David Wright, Mets 3rd baseman, treated us to some fantastic defense. All I can say is, wow!

I can’t stand artificial turf – no matter what sport. And I really, really hate domed stadiums for sports that were destined for outdoor play. That opinion still exists today. Tropicana Field wasn’t as bad as it looked on tv, but I kept looking up at the sky wishing I could see blue. I’ll even settle for a retractable roof – but let’s get some real grass out there!

Highlight of the day! Look who got a foul ball. Thole, the Mets catcher, hit a screaming line drive foul right to our seats. We all ducked low – the ball hit Emma’s seat back and became pinned between her and the seat. Santos, with lightning speed, scooped up the ball in his hands. A Tropicana usher was at our side quickly to make sure no one was hurt.

Miriam holding the ball. First time ever to touch a major league foul ball. If you’re snickering then you’re not a true baseball fan.

And, oh, yes – the Mets won! A sweep! Let’s Go Mets!


Mary Poppins! Mary Poppins!

I met one of my childhood heroes recently. We were at EPCOT meandering through the different countries when we arrived at Great Britain. To my utter surprise, I saw that Mary Poppins was going to be stopping by. I do so love Mary Poppins. And, yes, dear friends, I stood in line with the other children to get my opportunity to meet the woman who brought us supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

She was everything I remembered – practically, perfect in every way!

I love you, Mary Poppins!