Is there Room at the Inn?

We’re on an exploratory mission to find a suitable kennel for our dogs should we decide we need to get away. So, we visited the “Bed and Biscuit” this past weekend. The visit was positive – there’s lots of space for them to run and play and we liked the owner, Mila. She seemed to know the dogs very well and care about their well being. But it is still a kennel – and none of our dogs have ever stayed at one. We’re going to ask around and see if we can connect with anyone who has used it. Readers?

Spring Flowers and a Garage Sale

The weather cooperated this past weekend and we had our last ever garage sale. That’s right – we have vowed to never do another sale. My neice, Miss B, handled the jewelry post and the money. She did a great job and, should she decide to study business, will be very successful.

The roses were blooming across the street and I had to take just one picture and post it for all my readers to see. Happy Spring! Finally!

Let’s Go Mets!

Anyone who knows Mir knows that she and her family are big fans of the Mets. This spring her father and nephew went to a Mets spring training game. In the picture above, you might recognize two of the three faces – her nephew on the left and her father on the right. But can you guess the gentleman in the middle? He is Omar Minaya. Who dat? you say. He is none other than the General Manager of the New York Metropolitans (aka The Bad News Mets).

For the record, the Mets won this particular spring training game in a dramatic 9th inning come from behind victory.

Let’s Go Mets!

She’s Come A Long Way, Baby

To the casual observer this picture seems like much ado about nothing. But if you know Sydney’s history, to see her this relaxed speaks volumes of how far along she’s come. She’s taken to crawling into our laps – which is no easy feat – she’s long and sinewy. Yet, she has a way of curling up and making herself small.

The comfort and trust she has in us makes us think that it’s all been well worth it.

Gators Off to SEC Tourney

Yes, this is a picture of Amanda Butler’s locker in the Coaches’ locker room. Mary Wise’s was across the way. Hey, these are the perks of an honorary coach.

We saw the team off today at the airport. It was a cold and windy afternoon. Coach Butler high-fived me as she headed to the plane. The mantra for us fans was “Go, Fight, Win!”. Anyway, it was fun. Go Gators!

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