Celebrate Love

On February 20, 2015 we unexpectedly got married. Let us explain.

We went to the courthouse that afternoon to apply for a marriage license. We learned that our 18 years together enabled the Clerk of the Court to waive the normal three day waiting period. And just like that we got hitched – no pomp, no circumstance. We informed family and friends by sending them a text of our marriage certificate.

Getting married was not a surprise to us – during a New Year’s Eve party the Ouija board had foretold that our nuptials would take place in 2015.

At the time of our marriage ceremony we had no rings. That’s not to say that we hadn’t given any thought to them. It’s just that for the better part of 17 years we had been looking in vain for THE ring that we had seen at an art’s festival in 1997. We didn’t buy it then because we wanted an aquamarine stone and he had none.

The idea of rings pretty much dried up….until our friend Terry asked if we were going to get rings for each other. We shrugged it off. But then she had a great idea – what if we could find someone to make the ring of our dreams? The quest began and ended on Aviles Street in St. Augustine.

However, the rings were only the beginning. Once again our friend Terry asked if we were planning a celebration. We looked at each other and said, “No”. But she reminded us that the New Year’s Eve party she hosted – the same one with the Ouija board – was also an audition showcasing her creative catering skills in the event we got married and wanted to celebrate.
Terry was right – we needed to celebrate our special union. The date was picked, the menu selected, and the venue, their home, was transformed. Terry and Tom gave us a magical night – and celebrate we did.
 We thank everyone for your love and support!