Coddled Eggs

We’ve started watching an interesting show on HGTV called “Escape to the Chateau”. It’s about a British couple who bought an old dilapidated chateau in France with the aim to renovate and use as an event destination. See their website here

In a recent episode, Dick (one of the proprietors) coddled some eggs for breakfast. I had never heard of coddled eggs and my interest was piqued. Coddled eggs reminded me of soft boiled eggs, which I love. They’re just cooked a little differently.

So, I began my quest to acquire some coddlers.

Coddlers acquired from Etsy.

These porcelain coddlers are made by Royal Worchester in the UK. They will accommodate one egg each. To use a coddler, you butter the inside, break an egg into it being careful not to break the yoke and then add anything else you desire…salt, pepper, bacon crumbs, chives, etc. I opted just for salt and pepper.

Set the coddlers into a pot with boiling water with the water level reaching approximately halfway up. Do not immerse totally. Cook for 5 to 8 minutes depending on how done you want the yoke. I personally prefer my yoke runny. I’ll be experimenting with different timings until I reach perfection.
Pull the coddlers out of the pan and remove the lid. Look at that nutritious yummy goodness!

I’ve always liked my soft boiled eggs on toast, so, I made some keto bread just for this occasion. Your first coddled egg only happens once. Make it count!

Yes, my breakfast was as good as it looks!

I’m looking forward to more coddled eggs as this is one of my favorite ways to eat eggs.

What to do after such a delicious and satisfying breakfast? Take Peanut for a walk on this gorgeous spring day.

Happy Spring y’all!