Happy Post Thanksgiving

We hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Ours was nice and quiet – went to Ocala and had a delicious dinner there. Overall, we’ve had a nice holiday. And, of course, with the Gators beating FSU the weekend wound down splendidly.

Miriam is out taking Peanut for a walk before the rains come. I’ve got Boxer and Sydney here at the house getting their outside time.

Although, my typing is still limited, I’m able to do it easier and with less pain – and that means more blogging! So, keep checking back – I will get back to regular blogging as soon as I can. And since it is the holiday season, I’ll work extra hard to get this done.

Happy Holidays!

Lap Dog Needs Home

My name is Peanut. I need a new home. My evil step sister attacked me two weeks ago and I can no longer stay here. I’m a very sweet dog. I do have a few quirks – but then, wouldn’t you if you’ve been attacked by a mean bitch? 

I’m a little hyper alert. I have a very strong prey drive and can rid your yard of squirrels. I don’t like cats. I’m not too sure about children. Mainly, I would like to be the only dog – I need time to get over being attacked. 

I also need a yard with a fence I cannot climb. Sometimes, I freak out at strange noises. Turning on a water hose make me nuts and I’ll try to find a way out of the yard. I will escape if you use a pressure washer. 

Despite these issues, I am very loving. I like climbing into Lisa’s lap and laying with her. My ears are very expressive and I can make you smile. I love to sit on the deck and watch the yard. I’m a simple dog who doesn’t ask for much. 

I just need a loving home with pets that are very patient and understand us canines.

Happy Post Election!

Dear readers, I’ve been out of commission the last several days. Had an unfortunate incident that has kept me from writing my blog. It will be awhile before I can blog with regularity again. I may be able to persuade Miriam to step in for me while I rehabilitate.

Needless to say, I’m still thrilled with the election outcome. And I hope to be discussing it more – particularly as Obama forms his cabinet.

Anyway, it’s good to be back and there will be more to come.