Lap Dog Needs Home

My name is Peanut. I need a new home. My evil step sister attacked me two weeks ago and I can no longer stay here. I’m a very sweet dog. I do have a few quirks – but then, wouldn’t you if you’ve been attacked by a mean bitch? 

I’m a little hyper alert. I have a very strong prey drive and can rid your yard of squirrels. I don’t like cats. I’m not too sure about children. Mainly, I would like to be the only dog – I need time to get over being attacked. 

I also need a yard with a fence I cannot climb. Sometimes, I freak out at strange noises. Turning on a water hose make me nuts and I’ll try to find a way out of the yard. I will escape if you use a pressure washer. 

Despite these issues, I am very loving. I like climbing into Lisa’s lap and laying with her. My ears are very expressive and I can make you smile. I love to sit on the deck and watch the yard. I’m a simple dog who doesn’t ask for much. 

I just need a loving home with pets that are very patient and understand us canines.

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