Secretary Clinton’s Welcome to State

I was sitting here recuperating today and I decided to do what most people would do and surf our government sites. I was particularly amazed at the very warm reception Sec. Clinton received upon her arrival at State. To me, it’s an indication just how very difficult things were under the previous administration. I encourage you to view, at least part of, the video.

I think most of us have felt what these people felt with the inauguration of President Obama.

Friday At The Park

We took Peanut to NE Park in order to get her some exercise. It was a lovely day and she got a good workout.

A couple of weeks ago we watched the show “Boston Legal” for the first time. A friend of ours had recommended it a while ago – and now we know why. It’s a hoot! We’ve rented the first and second seasons and have enjoyed every episode – with no commercials! If you’ve never seen it – and you like witty dialog – do yourself a favor and watch an episode – you’ll be hooked.

Miriam has requested dinner at 5pm, so I’m off to the kitchen to prepare the wings and sauce – yes, we’re having buffalo wings – yummo!

Later gators!

Happy New Year!

We’re optimistic that 2009 will be better than 2008. Let’s all think collective positive thoughts for this year.

Mir and I have had the week off – overall, it’s been pretty nice – the weather has cooperated and we’ve been able to relax quite a bit – after this past year, we needed some real relaxation time. Unfortunately, Mir has to go back to work tomorrow, but I’ll keep the home fires burning.

We’ve been able to walk the dogs everyday. This pic is from a walk we did around Lake Alice – it was a beautiful day.

The UF Women’s basketball team has been playing very well so far this year. If you get the chance, go watch some of their games. We’ve finally started going again – and always have a great time.

The lights come down today. New Year’s day officially ends the holiday season for us. We didn’t do a tree this year and decorated minimally – so, cleanup will be a snap – just how I like it.

For New Year’s Eve, we opted to stay home – had an invite to a party but worry about the dogs kept us home – and a good thing we were there – the fireworks were greater this year than last and the doggies got anxious – so, I sat with Peanut and Mir sat with the big dogs – after about a half hour the worst was over. We watched movies and drank some really good champagne. Not a bad ending to 2008.

Well, I need to take a shower, get dressed and take the doggies for a walk.

Best wishes for a happy 2009!