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We’re in pre-vacation mode. Created a long list of things we need to do before June 7 – we spent most of the day running around and only really completed one item on the list. But, we did get Father’s Day cards – at least we’re ready for that. Had lunch at Outback – burger and beer! Yummo!

This evening we spend several hours watching Sex and the City – into season 3 – but the darn dvd player started acting up – I’m thinking that after about 3 hours of running it gets hot and starts to malfunction. The player cost about $40 – sometimes buying cheap isn’t a good idea. So, no more tonight.

In the meantime, Peanut crawled into Mir’s lap. Ain’t she precious?
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Sex and the City

Our friend has loaned us the dvd set of Sex and the City and our plan is to watch every episode prior to opening night of the movie. We’re going to have Cosmopolitans before heading to the film. Should be lots of fun.