Eat, Eat and Eat More….

Boxer had therapy and a checkup today. His kidney values were still high, although phosphorous levels had decreased slightly. Our biggest concern right now is getting him to eat. He had lost over 2 lb. since last week and that, my friends, is not good. We do have him on an appetite stimulant and he was given something else for nausea today during his stay at the Vet school.

Feeding like a baby….

Kibbles one at a time….

We’ll do what we can to help him eat. I went by Earth Pets to get some puppy food. At this point, the high protein and fat is insignificant – he must eat.

A salad and an episode of “Cougar Town”…. a nice way to spend an evening.

Despite Boxer not eating well….we’re going to eat well. Gotta keep up our strength in order to help him.

What a handsome boy….
Looking through some old pictures we came across this fine portrait. What a looker! Our Prince.

Summer Run

For those of you who don’t know, I love Woodchuck Cider- the Summer Edition. It’s delish! Could not find any last year and was very excited to learn that Ward’s had it in stock this year. Went back to Ward’s today and saw this:

Empty shelf!

I immediately went to the Woodchuck Cider web site and searched for other vendors. It indicates there are three locations in Gainesville that sell the Summer Edition of Woodchuck. Summer lovers – you’re welcome and you may file this away. I’m counting on you NOT to make a run on this precious beverage. Leave at least one 6-pack for me! I have four bottles left in the fridge…and must restock soon.


Playing with Photos

I watched a instructional video on on iPhonagraphy – photography using an iPhone. The instructor mentioned several different photo editing software to process your images. In the photo below, I chose Snapseed although you could use another or use several on the same image. Just playing around this morning as I wait for family members to wake up and get moving.

The original is below.

The photo was taken with an iPhone 4S and edited on an iPad. And this blog entry was written on an iPad using my favorite iPad blogging app called Blogsy.

Let me go make some noise and see if I can get this household moving.



Quiet Evening on the Porch

The evening fluids have been given. Boxer’s phosphorous levels are too high and we are adding yet another med to his repertoire. The good news is his last antibiotics are given tonight! Thank goodness! Hopefully, his stomach will settle down a little and he’ll begin eating more.

We love our porch! Here is part of the family enjoying an evening together in our comfy screened room.

I never did get the opportunity to blog about the basketball season – but did on our club site! Check out the Gator Backcourt Club site! This was my last year as secretary of the Gator Backcourt Club. I’m not ruling out another run – but wanted to let another member experience life on the board. The end of year banquet was very nice – very special. And I’m already looking forward to next season! What a wonderful team and staff!

Miriam, Janna, Coach and Lisa

Ya’ll stay safe out there! Ciao.

Breakfast on the Porch

Enjoyed a quiet morning and breakfast on the porch. The pancakes are actually wheat free – made with almond flour. We are experimenting with a wheat or almost wheat free diet. It’s not that difficult. I haven’t missed beer or pizza….yet. It has forced us to look at other options we may not have thought of before.

The pancakes were a delicious reward after a two mile walk-run this morning. Have been out of it for a couple of weeks and now trying to get back into some regular jogs.

Encountered a beautiful gladiolus in our driveway this morning. In just a few short days it’s bloomed into this masterpiece. What a lovely site!

It’s time for Boxer’s evening fluids. Till next time….ciao.


Boxer on Our Minds

Boxer continues a slow improvement. He’s eating more food, though, not as regularly as we would like. He also eats only small amounts at a time. We have noticed an interesting pattern – while receiving his fluids he will often eat his kibbles very hungrily. Hopefully, this behavior will continue as its another way to get some food into him.

Unfortunately, Boxer requires several different meds. We’re hoping to get him off some of these – like people, too many meds creates some negative affects for the body.

This is a sight we love to see – Boxer eating food! It needs to happen more often! Yes, he does continue to wear a “male wrap” much of the time to prevent leakage on the bed, couch, rug, etc.

There’s a new book out there named “The Genius of Dogs”. The author was recently a guest on the Diane Rehm Show for those of you who listen to it. Fantastic show! The author indicates that dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Hence, the above picture – how did Boxer wind up with Miriam’s pillow. Think…genius.

Sorry, guilt is making me put a picture of Peanut in this blog. Here she is running with her precious ball. Her needs are very simple – play ball with her. She’s crazy and sweet.

Caring for a sick dog takes its toll on us humans. Loss of sleep is the big one – along with stress of trying to do the right things for your pet. Miriam was trying to catch a few zzzzzzz here.

Good news is Boxer’s kidney values have improved dramatically from over a week ago. He still has kidney disease but we were able to get some values back down from their critical highs. We think he still has some good times ahead and want to give him good quality of life for those days he has left.

We’ll report back again soon. Ciao.


Another Boxer Update

Boxer is hanging in there. He’s still not eating much and we think he might have gastritis. Will be calling for Rx first thing Monday morning.

Boxer receiving fluids.

 We thought Boxer might eat some vanilla ice cream. And he did lick up some, but not nearly enough.

Boxer licking up a little ice cream.
We made some liver soup that he also refused. It warmed our hearts that Sydney thought it was delish!
Wanted to get that tongue in action!

It’s Sunday – we’ll report back again later. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Ciao.