Boxer on Our Minds

Boxer continues a slow improvement. He’s eating more food, though, not as regularly as we would like. He also eats only small amounts at a time. We have noticed an interesting pattern – while receiving his fluids he will often eat his kibbles very hungrily. Hopefully, this behavior will continue as its another way to get some food into him.

Unfortunately, Boxer requires several different meds. We’re hoping to get him off some of these – like people, too many meds creates some negative affects for the body.

This is a sight we love to see – Boxer eating food! It needs to happen more often! Yes, he does continue to wear a “male wrap” much of the time to prevent leakage on the bed, couch, rug, etc.

There’s a new book out there named “The Genius of Dogs”. The author was recently a guest on the Diane Rehm Show for those of you who listen to it. Fantastic show! The author indicates that dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Hence, the above picture – how did Boxer wind up with Miriam’s pillow. Think…genius.

Sorry, guilt is making me put a picture of Peanut in this blog. Here she is running with her precious ball. Her needs are very simple – play ball with her. She’s crazy and sweet.

Caring for a sick dog takes its toll on us humans. Loss of sleep is the big one – along with stress of trying to do the right things for your pet. Miriam was trying to catch a few zzzzzzz here.

Good news is Boxer’s kidney values have improved dramatically from over a week ago. He still has kidney disease but we were able to get some values back down from their critical highs. We think he still has some good times ahead and want to give him good quality of life for those days he has left.

We’ll report back again soon. Ciao.


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