We have the candy ready…

And, we’ve dressed Dead Donna up – not sure yet where she’ll play her part…but will decide soon…

Hello, dead Donna…
Hello tooth decay and diabetes….

Here’s my pumpkin – I settled on a simple pattern – wasn’t up to a real intricate one tonight.

Happy Halloween!

She Came, She Spoke, She Rocked!

Just got back from the Obama rally. Wow, Michelle Obama is a great speaker – she delivered a wonderful speech. I tell you, Barack needs to win this election – and if he does we are going to party, party, party. We walked to the rally from our house and it’s a wonderful thing to see so many Obama signs around the neighborhood.

The crowd was huge – and so diverse. It shows you how we can come together with the right leader. We need this man and this woman in the White House.

Si se puede! Yes we can!