First Cocktail of the Year

It was almost summer like today. We worked in the yard a few hours trimming and pulling weeds. We have plants that have stayed in bloom all winter. Never happened before. We’ll see if we get enough of a cold spell to kill them back.

In the meantime, the yard needs our attention and it was good to move around outside and get some sunshine.

It was so warm that we decided to have our first cocktail of 2019 – a dark and stormy.

It was delicious.

But what about low carb, you say? Ah, that’s the beauty of it. Know how much carb you’re eating and adjust. There’s some power in being able to control your health by limiting your consumption of certain foods. And those foods are sugar, refined carbs, and seed oils. I can enjoy a cocktail and not worry about health and weight.


Seasonal Berries

Just finished washing, trimming and slicing some berries I picked up at Wards. I’m pretty sure they’re from Brown’s farm.

The strawberries this year have been really good – the best in a few years.

I like to enjoy them with homemade whipped cream and/or dark chocolate. It’s a very satisfying dessert.