Sharepoint Picture Library

So, why am I blogging about a Sharepoint Picture library? Because I spent the better part of a day trying to figure out how to replace an existing picture!! You see, I’ve become involved in Sharepoint development – I’ve been mainly working on creating custom web parts. One web part I’m working on now involves the ability to have an image with captioning and linking. So, the best way to do this is to create a picture library and query that from the web part. But, before I could go with that 100% I needed to make sure that changing the picture without having to change or redo the captioning would be easy for the user.

Well, my thinking was to click edit and surely somewhere was a way to upload a new picture. After experimenting and Googling I finally figured it out. You have to upload a new image and make sure the checkbox “Overwrite existing file” is checked – if the image file name and extension is the same as one already in the library, Sharepoint will simply replace that old picture with the new one.

To me, this is a very UNintuitive way to do things. I don’t really like it but at least now I know the users will be able to change a picture with relative ease.

Now, that I have confirmed a picture library will do the trick, I will begin writing the web part.

G’day mate.


The game is over – I’m tired and not in the best of moods. We (the Gators) played hard – never gave up – but got throttled nonetheless.

The tone of the game was set early when Sha Brooks was called for her second foul with 18 minutes to play in the first half. The refs called a tight game – too tight if you ask me. The first half foul count: Fla 15, UConn 4. I think Geno must intimidate the officials. I fully expected Florida to get called for more fouls but come on – this was ridiculous.

Still, the women’s team had a good year and made a lot of progress towards becoming a really good team. I’m happy with what Amanda Butler has done. Looking forward to the end of year banquet and next season. Go Gators!

On another positive note, Rutgers did beat Auburn…badly. So, we’re hoping they can put together some good games and make it to the Final Four.

Woo hoo! The charter amendment one failed!!! Yea!!! My faith in humankind is restored.


Goodbye Vacation

We’ve had an absolutely lovely vacation! I think it was the most relaxing and well-timed respite we’ve had in a long while. The weather was magnificent. We were able to clean out the garage and work in the yard – but we didn’t overdo it. Did dinner with friends and had a basketball game party today to watch Florida defeat Temple – Go Gators! Yes, we’re well aware UConn is up next. But the win was good – we needed that after the way we finished the season.

We walked with the dogs and by ourselves. Took Peanut to the park for some good exercise and ball fetching. We had no demands on our time and it was wonderful. I do feel energized and am looking forward to the rest of spring.

Gotta go – there’s more basketball to watch!

Spring is here….

We’re on vacation this week – worked in the yard this morning trimming back bushes and spreading mulch…this old body feels…old.

Sunday we cleaned out the garage – took a truck load of stuff to Leveda Brown, the transfer station and the dump. My dream car is a Miata – but it can’t haul loads like the truck can. Guess the Miata will have to wait.

The orange tree is in full bloom and the fragrance of the blossoms is heavenly. Wish you could scratch and sniff.

Brrrr…March Couldn’t Come Soon Enough

We visited the in-laws in Ocala this weekend. The picture is of a poinsettia mamacita is growing in her screened porch.

It’s been a quiet weekend. The women’s basketball team lost to Georgia today. They’re still going to be 4th seed in the conference tourney – but their skid at the end of the season does not bode well. Coach needs to find a way to make this team play with intensity and get fired up.

Since we took Peanut with us yesterday to Ocala, we took the big dogs on a walk today to NE Park and let them run free in the ballfield. It was a beautiful day even with the chill and wind.

I’ve been trying to do some research on the history of our house. I’ve been able to get some info online using some digital records, but I’m afraid I might have to hit the library to get a look at microfiche or something. Members of our neighborhood association are interested in learning more about our homes – our goal is to put together a web site with the information we find and share with those interested.

Time to iron clothes and get ready for the week.