Sharepoint Picture Library

So, why am I blogging about a Sharepoint Picture library? Because I spent the better part of a day trying to figure out how to replace an existing picture!! You see, I’ve become involved in Sharepoint development – I’ve been mainly working on creating custom web parts. One web part I’m working on now involves the ability to have an image with captioning and linking. So, the best way to do this is to create a picture library and query that from the web part. But, before I could go with that 100% I needed to make sure that changing the picture without having to change or redo the captioning would be easy for the user.

Well, my thinking was to click edit and surely somewhere was a way to upload a new picture. After experimenting and Googling I finally figured it out. You have to upload a new image and make sure the checkbox “Overwrite existing file” is checked – if the image file name and extension is the same as one already in the library, Sharepoint will simply replace that old picture with the new one.

To me, this is a very UNintuitive way to do things. I don’t really like it but at least now I know the users will be able to change a picture with relative ease.

Now, that I have confirmed a picture library will do the trick, I will begin writing the web part.

G’day mate.

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