The game is over – I’m tired and not in the best of moods. We (the Gators) played hard – never gave up – but got throttled nonetheless.

The tone of the game was set early when Sha Brooks was called for her second foul with 18 minutes to play in the first half. The refs called a tight game – too tight if you ask me. The first half foul count: Fla 15, UConn 4. I think Geno must intimidate the officials. I fully expected Florida to get called for more fouls but come on – this was ridiculous.

Still, the women’s team had a good year and made a lot of progress towards becoming a really good team. I’m happy with what Amanda Butler has done. Looking forward to the end of year banquet and next season. Go Gators!

On another positive note, Rutgers did beat Auburn…badly. So, we’re hoping they can put together some good games and make it to the Final Four.

Woo hoo! The charter amendment one failed!!! Yea!!! My faith in humankind is restored.


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