Brrrr…March Couldn’t Come Soon Enough

We visited the in-laws in Ocala this weekend. The picture is of a poinsettia mamacita is growing in her screened porch.

It’s been a quiet weekend. The women’s basketball team lost to Georgia today. They’re still going to be 4th seed in the conference tourney – but their skid at the end of the season does not bode well. Coach needs to find a way to make this team play with intensity and get fired up.

Since we took Peanut with us yesterday to Ocala, we took the big dogs on a walk today to NE Park and let them run free in the ballfield. It was a beautiful day even with the chill and wind.

I’ve been trying to do some research on the history of our house. I’ve been able to get some info online using some digital records, but I’m afraid I might have to hit the library to get a look at microfiche or something. Members of our neighborhood association are interested in learning more about our homes – our goal is to put together a web site with the information we find and share with those interested.

Time to iron clothes and get ready for the week.

2 thoughts on “Brrrr…March Couldn’t Come Soon Enough

  1. G8rAlly March 3, 2009 / 11:44 AM

    Let us know what you find out regarding the history of your Camp Blanding house. Ours is supposedly a Camp Blanding house, too, as are others in our neighborhood. However, when I visited the Camp Blanding Museum (in Starke), the curator there claimed to have no knowledge of our homes ever having been there, let alone sold off and moved (although that is the story that I was told)! I was told that my house was “officers quarters.” The Camp Blanding photos and postcards that I’ve seen show no single-family-size frame buildings, and nothing at all that resembles my house. And yet, there is no doubt these houses were brought here from somewhere, and not site-built. I’d love to know where to look up more info and find out my home’s history, too.

  2. Mirlisa March 3, 2009 / 2:33 PM

    G8rAlly, the story you’ve heard is the same one I’ve heard – verbatim. A neighbor of ours did some research many years ago and concluded the same thing. Unfortunately, she died and we don’t have her research. According to my parents a Kirkpatrick moved the houses to Gainesville. In my research, I’ve been able to trace the ownership back to Kingsley Lake Village, Inc.(real estate) and George Grier Kirkpatrick. The online records only go so far – so, I’m going to have to check out the library or something else. I’ll post whatever I find out.

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