It’s not Halloween unless TNT host their annual Halloween Bash! This year’s hallowed event was held at Rotting Oaks Cemetery in Greater BFA. Hey, redneck, get out of my picture. ( that was for you, Terry)

Our ghoulish hosts, the Count and Countess Dracula, with Braveheart.  The missus looks to whisper sweet nothings in his ears….wait, no…eat sweet nothings, apparently…

…And security is so important at these grisly events…this is Precious…nice doggie…Precious likes bones…Precious wants another bone…do you have a bone for Precious?…nice doggie…

Oh, dear, a sweet child…turned to stone and now, alas, will spend eternity holding jack-o-lanterns…so, children, when Grandmama tells you not to open the door to the attic…heed her words…

There was something very odd about the haunted manor…this room in particular…something just wasn’t right….

A harmless little fire to warm us on a cool October evening…who was that rocking in the chair…

Beware the night…and things that go bump….BOO!

Happy Halloween!

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