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Admitting to a Crime

Your President had finally admitted to conspiring to commit election fraud with a foreign power. He just can’t help himself, thank God.

He is a traitor. And the GOP that props him up is a traitor.

We can vote to end this.

Vote Democrat. Even if you’re a registered Republican-hold your nose and vote Democrat to save our democracy. Your party can sort itself out later. If it still survives.


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Tick Season

We bought some pine straw and, just from moving it from the truck to the yard, both of us got a tick bite. So, although we had only spread some of it, we called our pest people and had them come out to do a tick spray just in case there were more.

Today M decided to spread the rest. She prepared by covering up – on this 90 plus degree day.

Look closely at the ankles below – we’ll need new packing tape.

This Wondercide spray has worked beautifully for mosquitos and we’re hoping for ticks, as well.

After spreading the rest of the straw we found no ticks on M. Hooray!

We’ll still have our pest people do one more spray because “we don’t do ticks”!