Time to Re-Assess Your Diet

“…the course of nutrition advice over the past sixty years has taken an unparalleled toll on human history. It now appears that since 1961, the entire American population has, indeed, been subjected to a mass experiment, and the results have clearly been a failure. Every reliable indicator of good health is worsened by a low-fat diet. Whereas diets high in fat have been shown, again and again, in a large body of clinical trials, to lead to improved measures for heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes, and are better for weight loss. Moreover, it’s clear that the original case against saturated fats was based on faulty evidence and has, over the last decade, fallen apart. Despite more than two billion dollars in public money spent trying to prove that lowering saturated fat will prevent heart attacks, the diet-heart hypothesis has not held up.”

“Only carbohydrates have been shown, in clinical experiments, to be the likely principal cause of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.”

Excerpt From The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

How’s your health? Overweight? High blood pressure? Thyroid issues? Tired?

It’s time to change your diet. Eat real whole foods…meat, dairy, eggs, cheese…and a few green veggies if you like them. If you insist on vegetarianism then for goodness sake include plenty of eggs, dairy and fish. If you’re into veganism – sorry bub – not much to be done for you. I advise a lot of cheat days – and when you do make sure you eat lots of fatty meats.

Stop the sugar, refined carbohydrates and seed oils.

You’re welcome.


Cable Boxes Packed Up

May 26 started fine. I was expecting a Cox cable technician to arrive in order to connect a new cable wire I had installed. I was wanting to move the location of my router and it required a wiring change.

Given the above screen shot I was ready between 1 and 3pm to receive the tech.

Unfortunately, my next communication with Cox went something like this:

It was looking like I wasn’t going to see a Cox technician today despite making an appointment and receiving text message confirmations.

I called Cox and spoke to a nice lady who could do absolutely nothing for me. She did offer to credit my bill. I accepted.

So, I went under the house to determine what I needed to do to properly hook up my new line. I bought the splitters and proceeded to do just that.

I received my bill…and no credit. Really.

Yesterday, I went around the house and gathered the cable boxes and wires and threw them in a bag. We’ll be returning them to Cox later this week.

I still have Cox internet….for now. AT&T is offering gigabit fiber in my neighborhood so I will be exploring that as an option.

Did I tell you that previously, a couple of years ago, Cox stood me up? And then proceeded to schedule another appointment without informing me? I got their attention when I tweeted to their service account.

No more tweeting to Cox. Cox is dead to me.


RIP Sydney Marie

Our 14 year old girl, Sydney, was put to rest yesterday. Her health had been in decline for a while. We did what we could but realized earlier this week that the time had come. We value quality of life and when that was no longer there for her we made the only decision we could.

Sydney 1/2005 – 6/2019

Sydney came to us in August of 2005 through Gainesville Pet Rescue. We had met her at NE Dog Park and thought she would be a great addition to our home and a companion to our then dog, Boxer.

In many ways we were wrong about that. It’s been a roller coaster ride. But, despite the challenges we faced with Sydney as a family member, there were also many good and positive experiences. We met some wonderful people as we negotiated the trials and tribulations a special animal brings.

We don’t know anything about Sydney’s life prior to joining our family other than she had used up her time at animal control and was scheduled for euthanasia.

We’re grateful to have had her in our lives. It wasn’t always easy but she has a special place in our hearts. She was a misfit dog and we think we were able to give her a happy life.

We are better humans and caregivers because of her.

Thank you, Sydney, for gracing us with your life.

Rest in peace, sweetheart.

Test Drive

I decided I just wanted to sit in it to determine if the seating was comfortable. Of course, a salesman wants me to drive it and, hopefully, buy it. So, I drove it…but didn’t buy it.

It was the RF. Meh.
Scarlett still looks pretty damn good.

I really wanted to drive a non-RF 2019 Miata with manual transmission. But they’re kind of hard to find around here and in the surrounding area. Sure can find a bunch of automatics…but why? This one I drove had the paddle shifters that the salesman tried to talk up knowing I wanted manual. Really? What a joke. Absolute nonsense.

I do like the upgrades in the 2019 model. And if it wasn’t for the fact that mine is practically paid for I might seriously consider it. For now, I’ll drive Scarlett and enjoy no more payments…until the next time.


Doggie in the Window

Our older girl Sydney got some special treatment at UF’s Integrative Service today. In addition to utilizing the underwater treadmill, she got to spend some time in the hyperbaric chamber and take in a little bit more oxygen. We are hoping this will improve her overall well being as she enters the twilight of her life.

Thanks to her special friend and care taker, Wendy, for the picture.


Got It?

I love the graph above. It illustrates why Americans are sick and obese.

The graph shows it in all its splendor. While people were reducing the amount of red meat, animal fat and dairy consumption – they were gorging on seed oils and refined carbohydrates. Seed oils (vegetable oil, canola oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, etc.) are BAD. BAD. BAD. STOP EATING THEM!!!

Refined carbohydrates are BAD! Stop eating them!

Eating any of these crap foods should be the exception – not the rule.

The US Dietary Guidelines need to be flushed down the toilet. I have no faith that the next iteration will be any better. Too much money invested by big food, big pharma and our industrial health care system to maintain the status quo. Why? Because the status quo is very lucrative.

See the above image. This is what the big money fears. Virta Health has REVERSED diabetes in 60% of their study participants. This is UNHEARD of for T2D. Imagine pharmaceuticals losing a significant portion of their sales because people no longer need their medications? Fewer hospitalizations. Fewer exercise injuries because you don’t have to kill yourself to stay fit and healthy. Fewer bariatric type surgeries. Fewer visits to the doctor. Fewer limb amputations. Fewer heart attacks. You get the picture.

How did Virta do it? A very low carb real food diet. It’s not complicated.

Get with the program.