No Excuses…Just Do It!

While most you were probably home, still in your warm bed or having breakfast drinking a steaming cup of coffee, Mir, Norma and I were freezing our butts off waiting for the start of our first 5k. Yes, OUR FIRST 5K!

The goal was simple – to finish standing up. And we did. My official time was 36min 23sec – I will now call this my personal best (PB). I came close to bonking…I started off well but somewhere around the 2 mile mark I began to fade. Then I heard a voice say “on your left”…it was Mir running with Dr. Amy. I fell in step with their steady cadence and finished strong. What did I take away from this run? Not bad for a forty-something year old…not bad at all…

Oh yeah, a huge perk from running a 5K – you can go out for breakfast, then go home, lie in your recliner with your dog on your lap, take a nap…and not feel guilty. Life is good!

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