Faint of heart? Avert your eyes…now…do not look at the picture!

I’m fascinated by my finger injury. I’ve gotten over the emotional trauma of it – well, most of it, I think. I still have a ways to go before the finger function is back to “normal” – I’m hopeful that the sensitivity will improve with time because I have lots of plans for this little digit.

The appearance of the finger is something I’m getting used to – especially now that the nail is gone. I’ve been advised that there is a small chance that it could try to grow back if all the nail cells weren’t removed. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

My next task is to straighten out the finger and the two surrounding it. I’m forgoing conventional physical therapy for therapeutic massage therapy. I went to a physical therapist but had little improvement. I went to a trusted massage therapist and made measureable progress. Interstingly, I’ve never been an “alternative” medicine type of person. But when I had my frozen shoulder, it was massage therapy that worked, not physical therapy. So, my eyes have opened a little wider and I’m less likely to just go the traditional route if a better, but alternative, route exists.

I’ve rambled on and I need to get back to work. Here’s a pic of my finger taken last night. Click on the picture to get up close and personal.


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