It’s Saturday Morning

Miriam’s gone to work. I’m sitting here paying some bills and downloading some ringtones. Psyching myself up to start laundry and clean the kitchen.

Hey gator fans – don’t forget tomorrow’s game against Tennessee. The game starts at 5pm but the gates open at 3:30pm. Yes, I’ll be there when the gates open – I want primo seats. The picture was taken at the last home game from my phone. It’s a timeout huddle. See the empty seats? We want them all filled.

I’m getting ticked off with the Gainesville Sun over their lack of coverage for the women’s team. This team is breaking all kinds of records – and I wouldn’t be surprised if Amanda Butler wins coach of the year. (Last year Van Chancellor won coach of the year and even he indicated it should have been Butler) But the testosterone laden sports page of the GSun seems to treat the women’s team as an afterthought. Several years ago I wrote a letter to the sports editor and he was very pissy – I’ll do it again this year and if he’s still pissy I’ll cancel the subscription.

I’ve procrastinated long enough – laundry here I come.

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