Throat is Sore and Hands are Swollen

Well, gator fans, if you did not see the game then you missed a humdinger – it was fantastic! A crowd of over 8000 showed up. And we were loud! I do believe that the crowd noise was a huge factor the last six minutes of the game- especially for the Florida defense.

Oh, yea, we won 66-57. We still can’t get over it. Fantastic. Here are a few shots – we need a better camera – one with a faster shutter speed and response. But, for now, this is what we got.

Sha posed for a picture during warm-ups.

Sha stopped by the club tent before dressing out for the game.

Join the Backcourt Club! we have lots of fun all season long.

We were too busy watching the game to take any game shots. It was fun, mon.

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