Time to Re-Assess Your Diet

“…the course of nutrition advice over the past sixty years has taken an unparalleled toll on human history. It now appears that since 1961, the entire American population has, indeed, been subjected to a mass experiment, and the results have clearly been a failure. Every reliable indicator of good health is worsened by a low-fat diet. Whereas diets high in fat have been shown, again and again, in a large body of clinical trials, to lead to improved measures for heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes, and are better for weight loss. Moreover, it’s clear that the original case against saturated fats was based on faulty evidence and has, over the last decade, fallen apart. Despite more than two billion dollars in public money spent trying to prove that lowering saturated fat will prevent heart attacks, the diet-heart hypothesis has not held up.”

“Only carbohydrates have been shown, in clinical experiments, to be the likely principal cause of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.”

Excerpt From The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

How’s your health? Overweight? High blood pressure? Thyroid issues? Tired?

It’s time to change your diet. Eat real whole foods…meat, dairy, eggs, cheese…and a few green veggies if you like them. If you insist on vegetarianism then for goodness sake include plenty of eggs, dairy and fish. If you’re into veganism – sorry bub – not much to be done for you. I advise a lot of cheat days – and when you do make sure you eat lots of fatty meats.

Stop the sugar, refined carbohydrates and seed oils.

You’re welcome.


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