Cable Boxes Packed Up

May 26 started fine. I was expecting a Cox cable technician to arrive in order to connect a new cable wire I had installed. I was wanting to move the location of my router and it required a wiring change.

Given the above screen shot I was ready between 1 and 3pm to receive the tech.

Unfortunately, my next communication with Cox went something like this:

It was looking like I wasn’t going to see a Cox technician today despite making an appointment and receiving text message confirmations.

I called Cox and spoke to a nice lady who could do absolutely nothing for me. She did offer to credit my bill. I accepted.

So, I went under the house to determine what I needed to do to properly hook up my new line. I bought the splitters and proceeded to do just that.

I received my bill…and no credit. Really.

Yesterday, I went around the house and gathered the cable boxes and wires and threw them in a bag. We’ll be returning them to Cox later this week.

I still have Cox internet….for now. AT&T is offering gigabit fiber in my neighborhood so I will be exploring that as an option.

Did I tell you that previously, a couple of years ago, Cox stood me up? And then proceeded to schedule another appointment without informing me? I got their attention when I tweeted to their service account.

No more tweeting to Cox. Cox is dead to me.


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