Got Gout?

“…Another condition that fits this description—misattribution to a wrongly demonized dietary factor—is gout. Animal protein in general, and red meat, in particular, typically take the blame for gout, with alcohol—beer, especially—a close second. Gout occurs when a compound called uric acid builds up in the body and precipitates into crystals that lodge in the joints. The big toe is most commonly affected, but gout attacks can affect other joints. Uric acid comes from the breakdown of purines, which are concentrated in animal proteins but are also found in plant foods. Uric acid isn’t a problem in a healthy body that excretes it properly. It’s only problematic when it accumulates and solidifies, and the primary driver of this is high insulin. Just as with sodium, hyperinsulinemia inhibits excretion of uric acid. The answer isn’t to reduce dietary purines (which would mean cutting back on some of the most nutrient-dense foods available); the answer is to reduce insulin levels.

See “The Hidden Problem of Chronic Hyperinsulinemia“.

So, to prevent gout you need to lower your insulin levels. Eat a reduced carbohydrate diet – yes, exclude potatoes, grains, beans and fruit. If you have gout you’ve likely got an insulin problem…but…

…You know what else can contribute to gout? Blood pressure meds. And there’s evidence that it might not be a good idea for seniors to be on blood pressure meds at all. But that’s another story.

So, high insulin and blood pressure meds – a recipe for gout.

If you’ve got drawerful of meds – find a new doctor, please.


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