Interested in Low Carb?

I highly recommend! An excellent resource – I was reading Andreas Eenfeldt MD long before he created his website and program.

Here’s what low carb looks like:

Stop the bread, cakes, cookies, muffins, cereals, crackers, sweetened drinks, seed oils (canola, corn, soy, etc.), potatoes, rice, quinoa, etc. These foods convert to sugar quickly and/or promote inflammation. Forget counting calories, weight watchers, eating less and exercising more. You’ve tried this for a lifetime and it doesn’t work.

Obesity and diabetes are the results of hyperinsulinemia caused by eating too many carbs. When you eat refined carbs your body cannot access your fat stores for fuel. But when you restrict carb consumption your insulin levels drop and your body can now access your body fat for fuel.

There’s a ton of books I can recommend to help you understand how we got it so wrong and how to right the ship. I’m going to put a list together. If you read only one or two of these you will find yourself getting angry that you’ve been lied to about obesity, about how to lose weight and improve your health. I know I am. But I also know that I am now in control and have learned just how easy it is to control my weight and my health.

Don’t get me started on cholesterol. The only number that matters is your triglyceride/HDL ratio. It should be less than 2 – the lower the better. Statins – just say NO! Statins are one of the biggest con jobs in health history.

Here’s the best part of low carb or keto. Your metabolic markers improve almost immediately – long before you’ve lost the weight.

Take control now. Go to to get started.

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