Home, Sweet, Home

Our Prince arrived home yesterday late afternoon.

Boxer resting on the porch couch.

He was still not feeling well…could not get him to eat much of anything. We have baked chicken, cooked ground beef, chicken hot dogs, scrambled eggs, yogurt, cheese, beef liver and various Gerber’s baby food. By the way, the Gerber’s beef dinner really got Boxer’s attention. It’s a keeper.

Woe is me.

Yes, we think he was feeling as bad as he looks.

For the next two weeks he gets 500ml of fluids in the morning and evening. Thank goodness we have a  former vet tech in the house. Needles don’t bother her none.

Some good news is Boxer finally started eating this evening – fantastic start for the weekend! He’s definitely feeling better this evening. Hopefully, this is the start of a nice recovery.

How did Sydney get in this blog post?

Since we moved a second crate into the bedroom, our comfy chair had to be moved to the living room. Sydney wasted no time climbing in – it’s always been her favorite.

It’s late and we’re tired. 

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