Meet Davey

We’ve sponsored Davey from Best Friends. Read his story:

Little Davey is a naughty thing. But he has a terribly sad story that makes it all understandable. He was found nearly frozen to death in what his rescuer described as a “bad neighborhood” in Cleveland. He was so cold that he’d gotten sick and his eyes were infected. One could not heal and had to be removed. This little muscular fellow with lollipop ears is all thawed out now! He’s feeling better at Best Friends, one eyed and all, but he can be ill-tempered sometimes. Once, he was adopted and the family had to bring him back because of growling, overprotective behavior. It wasn’t too hard to believe.
Davey will pop his head under your arm for a hug if he loves you — and pretty well bark his head off if he doesn’t. What makes him like one person and not another remains a mystery. But we understand, cutie pie! Davey was born in 1997. He’s a Sharpei mix without a tail and would be delighted to have a sponsor.

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