UF Women’s Basketball Banquet

Last evening we attended the University of Florida Womens’s Basketball Team Banquet. It was a good time with lots of good cheer and positive thoughts for the future. This is a picture of the team and coaches.

We sat at Ebony Crawford’s table – it’s becoming a tradition for us. We sat at her table last year when she was just a freshman. She’s a lovely young lady with a special mom. (Ebony’s in the middle)

There was a good crowd as you can see. As the team experiences more successes we fully expect this crowd to grow. But we have to ask the question – where have you been all these years?

And there we are – yes, we did laugh a lot – looking forward to next year!

Go Gators!

Note: Pictures were taken by Kathy Cafazzo, Associate Communications Director, who does a fantastic job of keeping us fans informed! You can see more pictures at Amanda Butler’s home page. Find and click the “scrapbook” link to view them.

One thought on “UF Women’s Basketball Banquet

  1. Andrew April 25, 2009 / 12:37 AM

    You won the brightest shirt award for the evening, I’m sure.

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